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Skin lightening is advisable to people who want to even out their skin tone, conspicuous pigmentation, freckles, melasma, age spots and acne or chicken pox scars.There are many products available in the market on skin lightening but we must consider the product’s effectiveness and safety. Effective in terms of reducing the melanin production. What is melanin? Melanin is the pigment responsible in the color of our skin. Darker skin has more melanin as compared with light toned skin. On product safety, it is a must to read and understand the labels carefully before you apply it on your skin; like for example bleaching creams. One of the active ingredient of bleaching creams (not in general) is mercury and if applied in substantial amount and in longer periods of time, it may lead to mercury poisoning or if one is allergic to mercury then skin irritation may occur.


A consultation with your dermatologist can help you in finding an effective and safe way to lighten your skin. Aside from the usual whitening products like bleaching creams and chemical peels (must be prescribed by your physician), whitening supplements such as glutathione (can be taken orally or intravenous) and laser are now a trend in the skin whitening industry.

In addition to using skin whitening treatments, one must limit sun exposure because it can trigger melanin production.