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If you are tired of having hairy legs and shaving or waxing does not suit you then, hair laser removal is the next best thing.

Hair laser removal is a common aesthetic procedure that is widely available here in Thailand and abroad. In laser hair removal, unwanted hair are removed by the use of selective photothermolysis or simply, pulses of laser light is directed to the target area that will damage the hair follicle thereby, reducing the growth of new hair and eventually, permanent removal of hair.

How does the laser light destroys the hair follicle? The melanin is the pigment responsible for hair color. The pigment will absorb the laser light and eventually will destroy the hair follicle.

If you are still undecided regarding permanent hair removal by the use of laser, maybe you may want to consider the benefits of permanent hair removal.


What are the benefits of leg laser hair removal?

1. The result is permanent and non reversible.
2. It targets a specific area leaving non target areas undamaged thus making it safe.
3. It is convenient, fast and permanent hair removal is expected after series of sessions.

Once you have decided to undergo for leg laser hair removal, one just need to find a tried and tested clinic who can deliver what you need; noting that if one wants a permanent hair removal you have to go for multiple sessions so a qualified and licensed clinic must be a top choice with authorized therapist or a licensed doctor who will be doing the procedure.

For leg laser hair removal, the leg is divided into two areas namely;

1.Upper leg (from the hip down to the knee)
2. lower leg (from the knee down to the contours of the ankle). Or you can opt to have your whole legs for leg laser hair removal (depends upon your discretion).