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Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that is performed by highly trained medical professionals. They undergo extensive training before they are licensed or authorized to perform the procedure. One of the procedure for laser hair removal is the arm hair laser removal. The arm hair laser removal is divided into two parts:

  • Upper arm
  • Lower arm.

Coming in for a consultation is a vital step in solving hair problems on the arms especially if the hair is dark, course and thick. Upon consultation, thorough assessment and appropriate treatment procedure is advised using state of the art laser technology to ensure the efficacy that works on the hair and skin color.

The treatment for arm hair laser removal is fast, easy and quick fix for unwanted hairs. There are precautions that you must heed such as mild sunburn-like sensation which is expected after the treatment that could like to 24 hours. To resolve the problem, cold packs can be applied to the treatment area for 15 minutes. If, unusual symptoms occur it is advisable to inform your physician.