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Medical Tourism in Thailand is a gaining popularity not only as it is affordable, the service being offered is also sought after, facilities are state of the art the people are friendly and offer quality care to everyone. Nationalities from all over the world come and look for treatments in Thailand. Most people are looking for technologies for losing weight, Anti-aging Formulas and Holistic Rejuvenation. Aside from this many people come Thailand not only for the treatment but as well as leisure time, site seeing around the lovely islands, experiencing the culture and the world renowned Thai Cuisine.



Plastic Surgery

is Thailand’s premier full personalized service beauty clinic located at the heart of Bangkok. With our team of internationally trained doctors and nurses, of plastic surgery, aesthetic, body slimming, and hair transplantation procedures.


Body Center

Internationally known for our advanced technology and a team of true experts, Dermaster’s Body center offers only the best solution to your body contouring, body design, and ultimately, selective liposuction


Aesthetic Skin Laser

Laser Hair Removal -Bikini Waxing -Under Arm Waxing – Leg Waxing -Arm Waxing Laser Hair Removal can be done by exposing the unwanted hair to laser light by destroying the Hair Follicle. Laser Hair removal should be done…


Hair Transplantation Surgery Center

Hair Transplantation Strip Technique Strip method -Strip harvesting is the most common technique for removing hair and follicles from a donor site. The surgeon harvests a strip of skin from the posterior scalp, in an area of good hair growth.


Holistic & Anti-Aging

As we grow older, our natural stem cells gradually and inevitably diminish, along with the ability to reproduce new replacement cells throughout the body. At the epidermal level, skin becomes thinner, more


In recent years, 1.4 million international patients have received medical treatment in Thailand, and the number is increasing annually.
No matter where you go in Thailand, medical tourism offers a wide array of procedures.